Praise the Lord

Lord gave me two miracles. By Guido Schroeder

Praise the Lord for two miracle answers to prayer. My daughter was employed for a time with accommodation supplied was booked to fly over to me when her contract ended. Then Covid19 struck she was stranded!! We were anxious as she couldn't move from where she was..miles from all family in a place where she knew no one without somewhere to live! Finally, After our prayer team prayed for a miracle, she spoke to the managers and said, "We want you to stay as long as you can!!" What a complete answer to prayer! She was safe had a job a home to live in until she could fly out as planned! Thank you to all the pray-ers thanks to our loving Father. 


The second miracle: my granddaughter had been told she had a disease that would affect her unborn baby. There were more prayers as we waited for the next round of tests...they've just been done PRAISE GOD no sign now of that disease!!

Guido Schroeder

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