Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

I want to share a miracle of healing the Lord performed on me. By Buford Swaniawski

A few days ago, I cut my thumb badly through breaking a glass that I held in my hand.  I did my best to stop the wound from bleeding and then dressing and bandaging it.  However,  over the next few days and the pain would increase until I could not even move the thumb anymore without screaming in agony.


 I thought the wound had become infected and was getting myself ready to go to the ER. As I was walking, I said a quick prayer asking Jesus to heal my thumb. I didn't give much thought to it nor put a lot of effort into it; it was rather short and hurried. 


Within 10 Minutes, I noticed that the throbbing pain had stopped. I tried moving my thumb, and I could walk without any pain, which wasn't possible since the accident.  


This is now two days later, and I am still without pain, and the wound is healing just fine, without complications. I give all the glory to our Lord for this miracle!! I am so grateful to Him!! God bless you all!

Buford Swaniawski

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