Thank-you Lord.

Thank-you Jesus. By Thad Nitzsche

From then till now I have been attending several prayer meetings...Recently I had met Ola Samuel pastor...And my husband had evil eyes on him and has started affecting our family life..  pastor asked us to take fasting for three days and pray...On the third day... ..While we were reading prayers from Bible..  the mobile started flickering, and a message was typed by itself....see to the right direction of the day. .  ..  after day flickering has stopped and as a proof that all the evil eyes on him has removed...


One of my husband's friends mom who was not in contact with my mother in law contacted her seeking for a job...Praise the Lord...   We believe that God has blessed us with a good family life and are protected under the wings of the Lord...Amen...

Thank-you Lord...Thank-you Jesus and thank-you all prayer ministries for the prayers.

Thad Nitzsche

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