Resist not evil. Invest in the Lord. He delivers.

Lord Jesus Christ, He delivers! By Christ Roob

Today I was stuck after my workout at the gym, with a dead battery and my car wouldn't start. I had 45 mins to go until work. I had cables. I didn't have time to try to flag somebody down.  A lifetime of being forced to perform exceptionally under extreme pressure or suffer dire consequences taught me not to fear or panic because there was only time just to get it done. 


I went back to the gym, cables in hand, asked at reception if anybody with a car could give me a boost, explaining the urgency. Within 5 mins, the Head Receptionist had organized the maintenance guy, who brought his car around to mine. We hooked up the cables. Nothing. I asked him to give it gas, still no response, but we keep trying. The cables keep disengaging; so he gets cables from his trunk. We switch the cables — again nothing. 


I'm behind the wheel in my car. Time is ticking. Work time is closer. The pressure is mounting. I feel fear and panic trying to seize me. I start to curse Satan and the Whore of Babylon. 

My voice is stopped as if my mind were being choked, and instead, I begin to recite out loud a prayer I've known since a child and often repeat in my head like a mantra when a wrong thought comes to tempt me. Before I finished the first sentence, I turned the key, gave it gas and the engine roared to life. Resist not evil. Invest in the Lord. He delivers.

Christ Roob

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