The purpose of Jacquard Fabric inventory

Jacquard Fabric

What does Jacquard Fabric do?

Understand the pedestrian should be able to blurt out, such as suitable for pants, overalls, coats, skirts...

Yes, these garments are where Jacquard Fabric can be used, and although these garments are also the scope of other fabrics, there is no substitute for the styling that Jacquard Fabric presents.

Gauze card is indeed a commonly used fabric for pants, comparable to denim, because the fabric texture is clear, strong and wear-resistant, quite wide, and is an indispensable style for casual fashion. Gauze card belongs to khaki fabric is a kind of twill, in life, khaki pants sales are very considerable. There is a little difference between the yarn card and the general twill, the yarn card is more thick, suitable for making cargo pants and casual pants, especially suitable for use as pants material when the weather is low.

It is precisely because Jacquard Fabric is thicker and more suitable for wearing in some special environmental occasions, so it is more common to make the work that needs to have the role of wear resistance.

Although the yarn card is used as a work Fabric, it does not affect its fashion sense of the atmosphere, such as trench coats, casual coats are Jacquard Fabric figure.

Jacquard Fabric


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