God is with us all.

God IS ON MY SIDE! AND YOURS! By Tania Wilkinson.

There have been soooo many times God has answered my prayer! I believe prayer is so powerful. I googled prayer testimonials just to build my faith when I pray for my family and friends! When I saw this, I felt it was appropriate to share something God has done for me! I pray this encourages someone!

Okay! Here we go!

It seems like everyone here is looking for their wife/husband, including me! So my 2nd semester here, I struggled with liking a girl who I knew was not good for me (just because she is Christian does not mean you should date her blindly. The Bible says don't awaken love too early). God even told me to let her go but I could not. I never asked her out, and I never kissed her or anything like that, but I struggled internally. After about four months of struggling, I decided to finally ask God to free me from this burden! After I prayed once, I kept praying because the Word says keep knocking! This last week God has freed me from this burden. He even showed me why He wanted me to stay away! God IS ON MY SIDE! AND YOURS! Now, I've been standing on Job 36:11 "If they listen and obey God, they will be blessed with prosperity throughout their lives. All their years will be pleasant."

Tania Wilkinson

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