I was 18 when this happen (many years ago)

Jesus is real. I love Him. by Ila King

I loved going into the woods and enjoying the adventures it has. My boyfriend and I had gone to a place where there was a flowing river, with a little rapids. I wanted to climb on the rock of the wall above it; it was no path, just rocks. 


I proceeded down, being very careful not to fall into the rapids.  I lost my grip at one point, and looking over my shoulder, I asked God, is this the way I will die? And as I said that, I felt an invisible hand press into my back towards the rock wall, and I manage to grab the rocks again. 


There was no way I could have grabbed that wall. If it were not for the intervention of the LORD, I would not be writing this. There are many more experiences like this I can share. God is real; Jesus is real. I love Him.

Ila King

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