Jesus blessed me.

Brought me out of the darkness. By Chelsea Murazik

Dear All,
Today I want to share my testimony about my Job. How Jesus blessed me and brought me out of the darkness. I had lost my job in October 2015 as I was on vacation. When I arrived back in Dubai, I was depressed and confused; I even had a very bad break up with one person. 

For six months I was without a job trying, crying and praying for a good job as I had to support my family in India and pay off my debts. I  struggled a lot for these six months and was almost losing hopes on everything, but Jesus is faithful, he never abandons his people nor did he abandon me. 

Suddenly in April 2016 I received a call from one company and told me that I was selected. I was soo happy about it, but still, I was anxious about my salary. To my surprise Jesus gave me four times more salary than I was expecting, he is a mighty awesome God. 

If you have faith and trust in him, cling to him until the end of time he will never leave you empty. My faith increased, and I almost paid off all my debts in Jesus name. He works wonders and gives in abundance, thank you, Jesus, Love you, Jesus!!

God bless you all!! Michelle

Chelsea Murazik

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