HE was there! Forever

GOD was there from beginning to end. By Mariano Reinger.

Hi, my wonderful brothers and sisters to everyone who prayed for the Mission event for the homeless yesterday truly answered your prayers!

GOD was there from beginning to end his love and power touched so many people! How I wish you could have been there. The play they did on the crucifixion was so real, and then, when Jesus rose from the dead, so many people stood to their feet and were clapping, oh what a glorious day.


All thanks to you because trust me there was also great warfare, and we needed every prayer that went up!

I asked prayer for a special service for the homeless last week. I wrote back Saturday and thanked everyone because it was truly blessed, and by accident last night I found out just how blessed.


As I was talking to my friend who works at the front desk in the Mission I remarked how busy he was and he said last Friday after the service 30 homeless drug and alcohol men surrendered their life to the LORD and joined the program. That was a miracle of all miracles truly GOD hears and answers your prayers!

Mariano Reinger

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