Praise the father and the son and the holy spirit.

I was lost, then he found me. By Rebeka Rosenbaum.

From my younger age until 13 yrs of age I had not been into Christian prayers... I was very angry with my parents...not interested in studies and stubborn nature and continuous sickness that I couldn't attend my classes for even months...Everyone was worried about me...


One of our family friends took me for a prayer with prophet Sheela aunty...She prayed and asked me to repent my sins...From that moment I felt like a great heaviness has gone away from me and started crying and repenting...From that day I started reading the Bible every day...Which I am continuing till now and that yr I was not affected with any diseases, and daily I prayed and communicated with God...

My life was filled with joy...God guided me in all manner and was able to score good marks in board exams...Praise the Lord...My mamma had also faced a problem in her leg...She had got growth of an extra bone on her heels.....Due to which she was finding it difficult to walk...We went for a prayer meeting conducted by pastor Stanley and from the third day my mother got rid of that pain...And still, now she has not had that pain again. Praise the Lord.

Rebeka Rosenbaum

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