Prayer is very important.

God, please be my guard! By Brisa Stehr

Hi, my wonderful brothers and sisters praise the LORD! For all of you who said a prayer for our homeless Thanksgiving banquet, GOD answered your prayers in a mighty and powerful way! 

First of all, try to imagine the weight of discouragement they brought to the banquet, just crushed with defeat and despair, but GOD showed up. After praise and worship and altar call was given, many responded for prayer and then bang, the spirit of the LORD fell on everyone with high power and joy. People were laughing and dancing and praising the LORD the turkey tastes so much better when that happens! 


Please say a prayer for me this week when I stand in the gap like that for people I have noticed the enemy is not really happy with me, so I need to be on my guard!

Brisa Stehr

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