All praises be unto the name of God.

Praise God the mighty healer. By Bernadette Spinka

For two days I have been having pain when urinating, and by yesterday evening my abdomen had swollen, and I felt so uncomfortable. Just then in my heart, I felt the urgent need to pray and anoint myself. So I took some anointing oil and while praying anointed my stomach down to my lower abdomen. Then I took some of the oil in my mouth and swallowed it.

I remember saying, " O God, I don't know what is wrong with me, but I need you to stretch forth your hands  and heal me."A few minutes later, I felt as if something was moving in me and suddenly my swollen abdomen began to lessen. I cried tears of surprise for I had just experienced a miracle. I didn't know when I started saying 'thank u God' over and over again. It was an unexpected quick response. Right now my swollen abdomen has completely returned to normal, and I no longer have pain. God is Awesome, and He truly answers when you call from the depth of your hearth.

Bernadette Spinka

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