Praise God, Jesus Christ. Holy spirit.

I thank God for his mercy and grace in answering of prayers. By Bernadette Spinka

I've been praying for a heart of flesh to help me be the person he knows me to be. The scripture regarding love this year has been on my mind allot by the holy spirit. Just New Year's eve my father was passing from his kidney disease it was the most horrific experience I sat by his bed day and night since Christmas. New Year's eve his suffering was so bad I stepped outside crying to our heavenly father and praying for his mercy on my father to bring him home although my gosh I wanted him better and to stay I love my dad so very very much this broke my heart to ask such a prayer but if course to let it be his will to either please bring him home or heal him in my tears I looked up to the heavens I saw God's eyes looking down at me plain as day I was so scared and immediately loved and hugged and all those feelings you get when your were  a child and your parents would hug and kiss you...I stood stiff just looking into his eyes I was safe there I wouldn't take my eyes off his for a minute. Just then in cursive the word love formed in the sky then the clouds shifted like a wave and it all was gone. My father passed shortly after at 11:33 new years eve. Just a couple days ago I'll never forget his mercy his love and the heart of pure love he gave me that night all in one. I know the meaning of what love is because it lives in me it's him. Love is not selfish nor was my request that of his child that I am. I thank God for his mercy and grace in answering of prayers.

Bernadette Spinka

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