I'm a Christian because I love Jesus.

My mindset wasn't right. By Dax Zulauf

When I was seven years old, I was in Sunday School. My teacher said if we were Christians to raise our hands. I didn't because I wasn't paying attention. I was thinking about the big game between Dallas and Washington later that day. The teacher made a big deal about it, putting pressure on me to become a Christian. While I was praying the Salvation Prayer, as I like to call it, I kept thinking about that game. My mindset wasn't right.


Three years later, while reading a devotional to my family about making sure we were really Christians, I got to seriously thinking about that. Am I really a Christian? 6 days later, I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior. As you know, there is nothing like it. There's nothing like the Holy Spirit pulling me. I've felt it off and on throughout the years, wish it would happen more! Did you feel the Holy Spirit when you were saved? How can anyone feel nothing? Can we really make the most important decision in our lives at seven years old? My testimony is for the person who is almost a Christian. They think they are a Christian, but they are not.


I've learned two things from this:


  1. We can't make someone become a Christian. How many think they are Christians just because a relative made them?


  1. Becoming a Christian is the most serious thing we can do. It has to be real. The Holy Spirit has to be involved.


I'm a Christian because I love Jesus, not because I want fire insurance to stay out of hell

Dax Zulauf

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