I was involved in with sports.

It felt empty. By Eric Legros.I was involved in with sports.

I was involved in with this sport and travel and attention, it felt empty and, in later years, superficial and self-centered.

One day a close work colleague in reception told me about Jesus. Something inside of me resonated in my heart with what she was sharing. We had these conversations often, even during work time.

One day she told me her father died of his illness the previous week. I hoped talking to her would bring some comfort to her. Strangely, it was nice to think of someone else other than myself.

However, she was not so grief-stricken as I thought she would be. She shared with me about her love for Jesus and that she would see her dad in heaven in the future. Occasionally I would look at her while she worked and see she really had something different with this relationship with Jesus.

She asked me to church, so I accepted and went. Shortly after this regular attending, I gave my life to Jesus, and my world turned upside down and inside out for the better. It was awesome to learn about Jesus’s sacrifice and how much he loved us.

Eric Legros

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