Another dream, another story.

I have something to share. By Lucile Gerlach.

I Dreamed I was in my motel room and a man in a white robe with white bears, who was old, was ticking me in bed; then I dreamed there was a bald man in there with me who was leading me to go outside.

I saw a man with a white head cap-like covering in a white robe coming out of clouds to me but then disappeared. 

There was more to the dream but, I've been getting so many signs and messages that seem to be coming from God....and many, many times in my life, I dreamed I was with Jesus, and He was soooo loving and forgiving.

I woke up in tears...I also had dreams where Jesus saved me, real-life from the real evil presence, and many other miracles I've experienced.

Every time I would pray for something, I'd see an image of Jesus extending His hands to me, and I always knew He answered my prayers...and He did, and still does!
In dreams, I asked Him if He forgave me, and He would always answer "OF COURSE" in the sweetest, loving of ways...One time I prayed so hard for forgiveness and salvation...I literally heard a soft voice whisper in my ear, "life eternal" Jesus is all love and real.

So even if you stopped praying or your feeling Too guilty to pray...PRAY; I felt that way for a while, but I will not let it stop me anymore.

I just wanted to share this with everyone, to give hope, faith, and comfort to everyone; JESUS IS ALL LOVE AND FORGIVENESS. PRAY, EVERYONE.

Lucile Gerlach

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