To whom this concerns. I dare say this concerns, everyone.

I survived a horrid haunting that we still believe MAY have made me sick.
By Rex Beahan

Six months before I got sick, I heard voices, all women, saying, "You should be ready to die soon." On three occasions. Then six months later, on Dec 27, 2017, I came down with a brain seizure disease that nobody has been able to identify, and then the haunting really started and tortured us for 18 months. 


I was too sick, and we were struggling financially too much to move out, and we had to fix our house up to sell it first, which is why we stayed that long. I'm glad we did b/c we found God.


Out of the ultimate desperation b/c my health was getting worse and worse due to sleep deprivation, we learned there is one thing that truly ends it:


Just say the word "Jehovah," the almighty God's actual name, to start your prayers, and the wiliest of persistent demons will bolt from the room. Much better to say out loud LOUDLY. I have lived it. Jehovah IS God's name. 


The name Jehovah WAS in the original scrolls, in the tetragrammaton form, but the Jews took it out centuries ago, claiming it was too sacred a word for mere mortals to utter. 


It was taken out in over 7000 places from the Bible. It is clear we are strictly instructed to know his name, and NOW I can speak to that name's real spiritual power. An 18 month daily/nightly haunting came to a screeching halt.


There is nothing more scary to the demons.


We went to the nearest church to me when I was being haunted. I had no experience with any Christian religion to speak of before the haunting.


Still, after 18 months of being screamed at so loud, I could nearly launch straight upwards out of bed, kept awake by things being thrown around our house, bed jumped on EVERY night, etc., etc., my boyfriend being tormented by a succubus. 


By an incubus and wacking on the walls regularly, we approached the elders. We had ONE prayer session with them and about 5 Bible study sessions together at home, and it was over.


You truly connect with God if you use his name, just as it is in life between humans. It's the only way to distinguish between him and entities claiming to be God.


"Heavenly Father Jehovah, In the name of your son Jesus Christ I pray to you. Please remove any and all demons/negative energies from this household immediately! In Jesus' name, I pray, Amen; This was what I said to get a demon off my body. 


It worked "literally as fast as lightning. I felt it come through my skin so fast and wack the walls on the way out the window. After that, incorporating Jehovah's name in about 5 Bible study sessions, instead of "Lord," the haunting ended. 


Regular prayers were not working before that approach. Be very clear on that; this was a seriously aggressive problem. 


Now, nearly every prayer I've ever had has been answered using his name, as long as my life is clean. Also, my prayers aren't greedy.


Never mind what the internet says. They are  true Christians who follow the actual Bible (with God's name put back in) very strictly. It's not a rewritten book they follow, other than simply adding Jehovah's name back into the Bible where it once was. 


I am not a Witness b/c I'm still dealing with the fear of the pressure of that strict of Christianity, but they saved my life. I can only speak to the fact that I was getting more and more sick from the sleep deprivation, and they stopped it. 


So if you ever have to live through this kind of terror for even one day, you now have the most powerful tool. There is nothing more powerful in this world than knowing God has a name and what that name is, just like we have words.


From my heart to yours, deeply.

Rex Beahan

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