Lord, let your plan happen.

I was a proud christian. By Carey Conn.

As I was brought up in a Christian family, I always used to read the bible and was proud to be Christian, but all my life, I always doubted my faith. 


So in the month of August, my time of the month was being delayed, and I was super tensed about it, so my friend told me to pray and have faith, so I started watching sermons and cried while praying, but it still didn't come then slowly I lost my faith in him. 

Then one day, I was watching this sermon about prayer and in that it said to believe that you receive. You will get, so this bible verse kept popping in my head, and I slowly felt peace, and some other day in one of the sermons, the pastor said that God knows the full picture of our lives and wants the best for us.


On that day, I was like, Lord, let your plan happen, and suddenly all my tension was gone, Finally!

Carey Conn

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