I am exercising my faith, today.

Jesus, please help me. By Trinity Bradtke.

I have been encouraged by the testimonies, and I am a woman of faith.

Today, I am exercising my faith, and I will write my testimony on this page when the time comes.

There is this house that struck me immediately; it was built, and I told God, I need this house. Not one that looks like it, but exactly that one. It is beautiful, in a strategic location, and has a shop facing the road. Wow! Every time I pass there, I remind God about my desire.

One time, my husband asked me where do you want the owners to go. I said one thing I know is that God can give them a better one, or show them greener pastures elsewhere. But I had great faith in God. That started like five years ago, and I still don't have a permanent house.

So, last night as we lay on the bed, guess what my hubby said, that house of yours is on sale for 40,000 Dollars. I felt like screaming, though I can only afford 1% of that. That's why I am trusting my all able, all-sufficient God.

Trinity Bradtke

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