I have never felt such love, safety, and happiness.

God showed me through A Breakdown. By Trinity Bradtke.

I grew up in a Christian household and have always been exposed to Christianity, but up until a couple of years ago, I believe I was living through other people’s faith and didn’t have a personal relationship with God.

During my teenage years, I had some rough periods with school, friends, and life. I had a couple of months where I was homeschooled, and I spent most of the time in my bed in my dark bedroom because I couldn’t find the energy to do anything. I felt lost.

When I was 16 my whole family and I went to Hawaii for a DT’s (Discipleship training school). For three months, I got to learn about God every day, and I started building my personal relationship with God.

The last week of our school, a guy named Todd White came to preach. He made a fire tunnel, and many people fell to the ground when he prayed over them, it was crazy! While I was there, I was hoping for that to happen to me, but it didn’t. God had other plans. When my mom came to pick me up, I completely broke down and cried for 30 minutes straight.


After a while, I was finally able to whisper out to my mom that I had just given my life to Jesus. God showed me through that breakdown that he is personal, and he wants to be in a relationship with me. He also broke down the wall I had built around myself for the last year, and it felt amazing.

Since then, I experienced God starting to use me more, and I grew closer to him. It’s the best thing that ever happened to me in my whole entire life. I have never felt such love, safety, and happiness.

Trinity Bradtke

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