Years ago, someone had sent me a story about when we stand before GOD.

"Welcome, MY child," JESUS said. By Jessie Kertzmann

There was this woman who was waiting to go up before the gates of heaven, and she saw so many people standing with their angels and holding up their glorious quilts of their lives. Beautiful colors and designs were making heaven awash with their lives. 


She looked at her angel and saw her quilt, torn and tattered, reflecting her life of homelessness and sorrow. She waited with an anxious heart for her time to come, and all of a sudden, she was standing before GOD, with her eyes downcast. Standing there, she sensed her angel lifting her quilt and heard a loud gasp from all. 


She ventured to lift her eyes and saw JESUS standing there, smiling at her. She looked toward her quilt, and there was JESUS' face. 


"Welcome, MY child," JESUS said. "Your life is a life well-lived, for you only saw MY face in the midst of all your trials. Welcome to your forever home."

Jessie Kertzmann

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