To God, Almighty Be all the Glory, Amen!

I want to testify of God's goodness. I'm thanking God for unifying my family once again...
By Araceli Klein

Ending of 2017, a client sued a company I worked for; a couple of workers and I were named because we worked the day client came to the company.


Beginning of 2018, by the grace of God Almighty, the client dropped the case. Jesus, the Prince of Peace, made peace that early 2018. I promised God that I would testify if He makes peace and settles the case. I am so grateful to God for His faithfulness and protection toward my family and me.


I'm thanking God for unifying my family once again, making my family whole and loving towards one another. Thank You, God, for Your Word to me that all my enemies have been defeated with a covenant sign.


Love You, Jesus, with everything in me

Araceli Klein

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