My Dream about Jesus

In my dream, I was outside, sitting on the ground.
By Gordon Bauc

I felt lost and confused. I was alone until I looked forward and saw Jesus dressed in a white robe standing in front of me. 


I looked up but didn't see his face, just glowing light. He reached out his hand to help me stand up. I held his left hand, and we started walking along a mountainside path. 


Jesus's hand was SO warm -- warmer than anything I've felt before. I told him, "Jesus, your hand is so warm. You feel so real." Jesus replied to me, "I'm the most real thing you will ever know." 


I wish I never woke up from that dream; this was years ago, and I still remember that dream like it just happened. 


I don't remember any other dreams, but the love and companionship I felt in that dream is nothing I've ever felt before. 


I love Jesus so much and can't wait to be with Him again.

Gordon Bauch

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