How to download videos from Pinterest

Pinterest is a social network where you can create boards and share information that can be valuable for those people who visit it.

The website has many categories, the most popular are travel, cars, recipes, movies, humor, home design, sports, fashion and art. The development of this project began in 2009, although it would not be launched until almost a year later. officially, becoming operational in early 2010.

There are many people who seek power download videos from pinterest, many of them useful and interesting for many of those who visit different pages. Currently there are several pages and applications capable of downloading the clips in different formats, being reproducible on any phone, tablet or computer.

A tool that has been with us for a long time and that serves for the Pinterest video downloader is Pinterest Video Downloader. It is an online page, it will not be necessary to download anything to download any video from any of the accounts that you usually visit and have in favorites.

It is a website that goes directly to what we want,Pinterest Images Downloader download any video from Pinterest and all this without limits, you can download as many as you want daily. Pinterest Video Downloader has been online for a long time and continues to work like the first day, although the design of the main page has changed in recent times.

To download videos with Pinterest Video Downloader, do the following:

The first and foremost thing is to find the video you want to downloadto select it click on the three points or on the «Share» option, click on Copy link

Then access the Pinterest Video Downloader page on this link

Paste the full link in the box where it says “Enter image, video GIF and click on “Download” and finally on “Download video file”

The process will be the same on the phone as on the computer, this works on both devices, also on a tablet and on the iOS operating system. It will only change the way to copy the link on Pinterestalso accessing from the three points and pressing the “Copy link” option.

Videos are downloaded in MP4 format, the page gives the option to download the clips in 1080p quality, but you can also download the image that appears as the main one. The file will be downloaded to the phone’s download folder, although you can select the destination source.

Video Downloader For Pinterest

An app that really works good when it comes to downloading videos from Pinterest is Video Downloader For Pinterest», available on the Play Store. Its use is just as easy as the previous page, for this you have to copy the link of the video and paste it in the box that will appear.

Video Downloader For Pinterest is a free app, you have no limitations when it comes to downloading the videos and photos you want, including GIFs. It sports an aesthetic similar to that of YouTube video download pages, with a white background and adds red ones.

To download a video with the following

  • Download and install Video Downloader For Pinterest app
  • Now start the application from the phone
  • Copy the link of the video you want to download and take it to the appspecifically to the box
  • Press «Download» and choose the destination for downloading the video, you can also choose image or GIF format

Video Downloader For Pinterest is a well-rated app on the Play Store, receives almost 5 stars and very good comments from those who have downloaded the app. This tool has no limit when it comes to downloading as many videos as you want from the Pinterest network.

Video Downloader for pinterest

As its name indicates, it is a application that focuses on downloading videos from Pinterest In a simple way, copy the direct link of the video, paste it in the box and click on download. Some bugs have been corrected in the previous version, now it is lighter and faster to load.

Video Downloader on Pinterest allows downloading of videos, GIF and JPG format, it is a well-valued tool, with a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. None of the videos uploaded to the Pinterest platform can resist it, remember to copy the link from the page of each user or company.


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