I want to give a testimony because I feel loved.

It is as if I'm the Man God Loves Most. by Krystina Nienow

It is as if I'm the Man God Loves Most. (But I know He Loves Us All Equally). That's Why His Love Is Exceptional. All I've Asked Him For From My Secondary School Till Now He Has Continued To Do For Me. 


Day Before Yesterday I Had An Issue, So I Prayed To God And Promised Him To Change And Be like A Born Again. I Know He Will Hear My Prayers Because All I Ask Him He Does It For Me;  Just This Morning He Saved Me From An Arrest.


 My Testimony Are more, And From Today onward I Believe More Are On The Way. And I Will Share It With You My Christian Fellows. Praise Be His Name And May All Glory Honor And Adoration, And Praise Be Unto Him, Amen.

Krystina Nienow

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