LORD had given me a word!

You have heard about a Kairos moment. By Simeon Reilly

Hi Pastor Samuel and all my brothers and sisters at Trusting in JESUS! Thanks to your prayers!


You have heard about a Kairos moment; well, I just had a Kairos week! Last Friday, 7/2/21, I was at the end of my rope clothes, filthy, funds low, no medicine, etc. However, several weeks prior, the LORD had given me a WORD that July 4th was going to be very good! So I said, O.K, let me hang in there and see! 


So the LORD goes on, and the afternoon of 7/4, as I said, was alright. But then, around five p/m here comes the HOLY Spirit in waves just crashing down for hours, and during the 4th of JULY fireworks, the LORD said, I am honoring those who perished, freeing the Jewish people from the death camps and every other war! So that was huge; it got the summer off to a great start.


So the next day, Monday, was alright! Tuesday, I wake up, and the LORD lifts me and carries me to the laundry; I feel like a new man with clean clothes!


I go to the library to check my mail, and an unbelievable wonderful church in N.C had sent me an e-mail saying, "hi brother Danny Happy 4th of July, we just want you to know we love you and are praying for you and have sent you a love gift!" I almost fell off the chair; their love gift will keep a smile on my face all month! Then I wrote prayer requests, and the computer kept giving me extra time, like 3 hours extra!


The next day, NYC had a parade for all the first responders, a ticker-tape parade down Broadway, and once again, the LORD moved mightily on the parade; everyone was so happy and laughing, as well they should be!


So those two events helped lift the SPIRITS here in NYC.


If that were not enough! Thursday, I woke up and went to the homeless doctor; she knows me and was so happy to see me, and gave me my medication, with no problem.


There's more, but I think you get the picture; your prayers have great weight with the LORD! 


With that said, it would not be me if I did not ask for one more prayer; never in my life have I received a blessing like this without "you know who" coming and trying to ruin it. So please pray that I will be on my guard!


If I did not write this, I would be like the nine healed of leprosy and did not return; no, I came back!

Simeon Reilly

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