God has a plan.

Thank you my brothers and sisters. By Gina Nitzsche

Hi, my wonderful brothers and sisters. I could not wait to get to the library this morning and thank you for your prayers after being attacked by the enemy Monday. 


I am doing much, much better! 


Looking back at the attack, I was amazed at how well planned it was, and GOD said, why would the enemy go to all that trouble to attack and old homeless man, and I said, GOD, you and I know exactly why, and GOD said well then share that! 


O.K I said the reason is over a period of time of being delivered and set free from drug and alcohol addiction 37 years GOD showed me how to war in the Spirit how to pray effectively against the enemy; do not let me being homeless fool you, GOD has taught me much about spiritual warfare, that is why the enemy is constantly trying to harm me.


But your prayers got me through a very critical time, and I am so grateful for you!

Gina Nitzsche

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