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I lived without God (not necessarily with God) by Marcella Beahan

I lived without God (not necessarily with God) and always thought the bible was an old-fashioned book. One day I lost my job, and my relationship ended. It had to go that way. I felt that very strong. There was no way to fight against it. An enormous power directed my life that way.


Soon after I lost my job and partner, I started to feel a (negative ) presence in the room. I was afraid of it. I saw the cats looking at it also, and they run away from it too. It did not help to enable a specialized person or to burn incense.


I felt very, very strong that the solution should be something proved, something old, something that had always existed and never had changed. And I thought of the bible. I knew the ‘our Father’- prayer by heart and started saying it every day, and it became clearer in the house.


I started reading the bible and was convicted more and more of doing things wrong in my life and began to understand that only The Lamb of God, Jesus Christ, could save me of my mistakes and my situation and started to realize that through Him I could receive new life.


I asked for forgiveness and referred to the blood of the Lamb ( although I did not understand fully then what that meant, the blood of the Lamb)


Darkness left definitively, and I have never felt/ seen the presence again. Now I am being renewed every day by the Spirit of the Lord.


My help now comes from the Lord in My Life. He is real, and the bible is a modern book and is still actual today. The book of revelation, for example, is unfolding before our eyes.


Ps: This presence was the result of my interest in the supernatural, life after death, etc... I was being convicted about that. (God tells us to be occupied with Him or life after death with Him, not with other sources!)

Marcella Beahan

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