Thank you Jesus!

From the beginning of the trip to the end, something was off!
By Saige Jast

Hi, my wonderful brothers and sisters from the bottom of my heart thank you for your prayers for me for traveling mercies from NY to Florida!

I was tempted not to even ask for prayer, but I am so glad GOD persisted! 

From the beginning of the trip to the end, something was off! Time does not permit me to share everything, so I will just share one thing!

People were tired, and the bus started to break down around North Carolina the a/c went out people were hot, and the bus was losing power. 

For me, it was not life or death, but if the bus breaks down en route, it takes the driver 2 hours to get to the station and then another 2 hours to reach the disabled bus. All the luggage would have to be transferred which could easily be a 4-hour delay, and even more when we get to the next station. Many people would have missed their connection and would have to sit in that station for another 4 hours maybe longer.

So I was praying for all I was worth GOD, please let us make it to the next station! And because of your wonderful prayers, there was great grace on the bus, and we made it there safe without any fights.

There were so many more problems, but because of your prayers, many said amazing grace! GOD richly bless you from the bottom of my heart.

Saige Jast

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