I knew something had to change.

Light found my way. By Ahmad Witting

And I believed it. But maybe what I didn't realize was this. That Jesus was the man I could never be. Jesus died on the cross for his enemies. I reckon I could die for my wife and kids. But my enemies-no way! Jesus was the true man, the real man. He did the hardest Job. And he did it so that I don't have to be. And so there is no greater thing in my life than putting my trust in Jesus. Not only has he died for my sins, not only has he forgiven me and promised eternal life for me. But he's taken the burden from me of needing to be a man’s man. He's done it for me, so I don't have to worry. This is what has led me to where I am today. Because of Jesus I didn't need to be a farmer to be a man. My identity is no longer tied up in farming, in proving myself. In Jesus’ eyes I'm someone and I don't need to chase approval. In 2007 we made the decision to leave the farm and go and tell people about Jesus Ever since I gave up farming, 


I've noticed a change in my life. Kylie tells me I’m more comfortable in myself now. When I introduce myself to people I don't feel like I need to say that I use to be a farmer. I'm not embarrassed to say. 


I work for a church—a job that from the outside is looked at as a weak, unmanly job. The beautiful thing now is that since surrendering my focus on manhood I've become more of a man than I ever was.

Ahmad Witting

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