I re-learned my purpose.

Journey towards the truth. By Ahmad Witting.

I was always trying to prove myself to myself and to others. I was always worried what people thought of me. I was actually quite insecure. 


And deep down I knew I never really was the man I wanted to be. You see, you always remember the times when you weren't so manly. Like when you've screamed and jumped into the nearest tree because there is a snake. 


Every time I shake another man’s hands I’m also reminded. 


My Grandfather had hands the size of a dinner plate but my hands are smaller than my wife's. I always deep down felt insecure. Now I’d always known about Jesus since I was a kid. I'd always known he was an amazing guy: He was the son of God-he did amazing miracles. My parents taught me and modelled the Christian life. Jesus taught me the meaning of life.

Ahmad Witting

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