Hello everyone. Am Jenefa (28yrs).

Thanks a lot, Jesus, for all your blessings
By Dax Zulauf

When I was in my 1st grade, I failed in one subject. At that time, my dad told me the story about  King Solomon. He said to pray for "Jesus, to give knowledge to me like  King Solomon". 


I started praying, and my grades increased gradually. Today I completed my Ph.D. by God's grace. It's all thanks to our Lord, he supported me in all my struggles which made me complete my degree within three years. 


I got married when I was 22 years, and God blessed me with two daughters. I never thought after getting married that with my kids, I could complete a Ph.D.


But Almighty made it possible, and now I am working as an assistant professor with a good package in a university. With God, everything is possible. 


Thanks a lot, Jesus, for all your blessings.

Dax Zulauf

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