FATHER IN HEAVEN. By Ryder Cormier

With lots of regrets and earthly destruction From The HEAVEN, I report This testimony of my daily experiences:-"on 23/4/2020. 


My neighbours tried to show me a naked man to ruin my eyes and make my mind and heart un-holy, but JESUS CHRIST immediately pulled me back so that I may not see it. Angrily with deep grief, I prayed and complained about this to GOD, FATHER IN HEAVEN.


The next day on 24/4/2020, at the same time, when I went downstairs to prepare breakfast, a big sun of small size stood in front of my window at the same place where the naked man was tried to be given and (after this, neighbouring brahmans killed their wives). 


And on 24th Sunday morning, the brilliantly bright silver SUN WHO Came to meet me WAS My most beloved GOD, FATHER IN HEAVEN... With regretful emotions for this century reporting.

Ryder Cormier

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