I was a troubled alcoholic.

God healed me, I am so thankful.
By Gina Nitzsche


I used to have a terrible struggle with drinking alcohol. I was in my mid-twenties and going through a very dark season. Freedom from it was something I felt truly powerless to do.


 I watched the AA meetings on YouTube, and for months I would try and quit, but the longest was a month (but I kept praying for freedom).

 One night, I was being tempted to do something sinful with someone but felt impressed in my heart that if I didn’t, the Lord would bless me.


 On August 31, 2014, by God’s grace alone, I stopped drinking, and I haven’t drunk alcohol since (technically, I had 1.5 bottles of NyQuil-which has alcohol- when I had the flu that winter, but that’s all). 

The glory is 100% His and 0% mine. I’m just as powerless today as then, but His mercy has kept me. Please pray He grants me complete sobriety all my days for His honor.

Gina Nitzsche

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