Lord healed me.

Lord sent His Angels the night before.
By Mittie Reichert

I received a mammogram that came back showing what could be a Cancerous tumor. The night before, I took the test over and took a more extensive test that would give me the same results the same day. For some reason, my twin sister couldn't sleep; She was restless up to four AM. I told her to sleep with me, she did, and we prayed and fell asleep. 


An hour passed, and as I was watching, these two little ladies walked into my room with loud messages for my twin and me. 


I was in between sleep and awake, and although I could not see their faces, I touched their clothing, and they felt angelic. 


After they massaged us, they started praying and throwing Orange dust around my room. 


One left the room, and the other one began to do some surgery on the breast that had the cyst. 


It hurt a bit, so I kept pushing the lady; as she sat on my back and doing the surgery on the side of the breast, she finally finished and gave me a warm pat on my back and left. 


When my test came back negative, I was not surprised because the Lord sent His Angels the night before.

Mittie Reichert

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