signage in mall not only consider the functionality but also its appearance level

signage in mall

signage in mall is generally placed in the outdoor, not only need to consider its own visual effect, but also need to consider its use, but also need to choose a more appropriate color according to the geography, environment, landscape of the scenic spot, signage in mall has become the face of the scenic spot, must be complete. It is not only necessary to have some functions such as guidance, publicity, management and interpretation, but also to have the appearance level, which is mainly determined by color.

Red has a relatively strong penetration, the impact on people's eyes is relatively strong, at the same time, everyone likes to see red, in a large number of colors will not be covered by other colors.

Bright light blue will appear very light and bright, in the use of large space, low brightness of the relatively low blue represents this calm, stability, trust and information.

Yellow is the more luminous color of all colors, giving people a feeling of hope. Because of the high brightness of yellow, it is easier to catch the eye, and is often used for emergency and safety guide signs.

Green is a more comfortable color for the human eye. The brightness of green is slightly higher than that of red, the purity is relatively low, and it is a neutral color. Green character gentle, full of vitality, has a wide range of versatility. Green is widely used in the guidance system, and it will appear on the signage in mall on urban roads, emergency channel signs, and tourist spot signs.

White is understood as bright, clean, pure and expansive in people's psychology. White can make the color next to it slightly darken, and when white is used incorrectly, it will also cause a strong visual impact to produce dazzling, so in the sign system, white is mostly used as the filling of the explanatory text and the arrow pointing, and sometimes with different colors is also used as the background color.

in the process of designing and producing the oxidized scenic spots in signage in mall, it is very important to choose the right and appropriate colors. Different colors play different roles in the scenic spots as the professional signs of scenic spots. We should make reasonable use of the different visual characteristics shown by different colors. To provide visitors with warnings, tips and explanations, to facilitate visitors to better visit in the scenic area, and experience better services.

signage in mall


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