Lord is merciful

I am born in Christian family. By Kim Hilpert

Hi, all,


Lord is merciful and abounding in his love! I am born in Christian fly, and in 2006 my mother passed away I felt I lost all I was 22 then. I felt Lord dint hear my prayers, but I trusted in Lord.


A few years later, I got married it was not a very happy marriage because of our egos; we broke that too and separated for three years... I was completely broke. I would just hate my life.. after these three years, Lord got the same man in my life again, and we both realized what we did. We got together again..


I was too worried for I wanted a child my doctor Said I need to be treated, but praise to my Lord he made conceived immediately and blessed me with a baby girl I was fallen in pit lord gave his hand and got up on the rock he built. I went through tough situations, but Lord never left me.


Today, too stressed, but I believe my Lord will take me out of this for I ask forgiveness I am a sinner.. there was a small business in partnership I started; suddenly the partner called me and made me leave the work. Lord guided me through this, too. I told my official partner in business if it is possible for you to give me my invested money give, else keep it.


I was crying praying I was in tears praying to him, and that very moment I received a call from this man and he returned my invested amount.


Truly Lord is there to hold us in all good n bad moments situations. I commit my life to my Lord Jesus my Heavenly Father; Lord guide me throughout my life.. peace to you all, Amen.

Kim Hilpert

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